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Making a Will
Over 70% of the population do not have a current accurate Will? Don't
be one of them – if you are, you risk dying intestate (i.e. without saying
who should inherit your property). This could leave a very uncertain
future for your family, friends and even business partners. We strongly
advise that you make a Will and review it from time to time and that you
consider taking out a Lasting Power of Attorney. It may cost less than
you think – we offer value for money fixed fees for simple Wills and very
competitive rates for wills with tax planning. We also deal with Probate
cases for clients.
Free Wills and Deed Storage
Our Solicitors are happy to store your Will and House Deeds free of
charge in our fire proof storage.

I want to make a Will – What should I do next?
Before making a Will you should think about:-

  • The nature and value of your property
  • Who you would like to benefit from your Will, including your partner, children, any previous family and your extended family and friends
  • Your business interests
  • Tax implications - especially Inheritance Tax.
  • Who you would like to administer your estate - your executor
  • Who you would wish to look after your children if you cannot
  • Do you have any particular wish for your funeral arrangements
  • Do you want to donate any of your organs or allow your body to be used for medical purposes

A Will is a legal document which ensures what will be inherited and to whom and most importantly who you do not want to inherit! A Will can also direct where the remainder of your finances and estate can be used. You may wish to leave some money for charity, for your partner/cohabitee or providing for your pets in the future. All aspects of your life can be covered from the present to future occurrences.

If you are wanting fast, quality, reliable services then Beachwood Solicitors Ltd can cater to your needs and get a Will approved, signed and completed in a matter of days.

Also see the page How to Make a Will with Beachwood Solicitors Ltd

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